Naturism – Nude Beaches

Nudist Beaches in Brittany

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You’ll want to make sure that when you do find that perfect beach to commune with nature that the local community tolerates nudism. In French, the expression for the nudist lifestyle is ‘naturisme’. The best way to do this is to check out some of the ‘official’ or ‘tolerated’ nudist beaches. THEREFORE please ensure before you visit any of the Beaches, below, that they are still categorised in this way. Attitudes do change from time to time. Nudity in public places can risk a one year jail sentence or a 10,000 Euro ticket. I don’t know if anyone has ever been charged for nude sunbathing but you wouldn’t want to be the first!

Likewise, Beaches can go in-and-out of “vogue” dependent on which demographic elects to patronise them. Therefore it would be sensible advice to suggest that you ascertain “What type of Naturist” and “Where” to ensure it meets your expectations and avoids any unwanted attentions.
Tips for Visiting Brittany’s Nude Beaches
If you do decide to explore any of the 40+ Bretagne nude beaches, please remember to leave your camera, video, binoculars, etc back at your base and respect people’s lifestyle. Enjoy your day or weekend in the sun – and don’t forget to bring your suntan lotion.

Clicking on the below destinations will take you to a Map and associated GPS Location.


Erquy/ Plage de Lourtuais (22) Plage de Lourtuais

Erquy/ Plage de Nantois (22) Plage de Nantois

Etables sur mer / Plage du moulin (22) Plage du moulin

Fréhel / plage du Porry (22) Plage du Porry / Port du sud-est

Criques de Fréhel (22) Criques du cap frehel

Lannion (22) Plage de Mez-an-Aod

Le Val-André (22) Plage de la grêve des vallées

Paimpol (22) La plage se trouve à Plouézec

Perros-Guirrec (22) Plage de Testraou

Plerin (22) Plage des Rosaires

Saint-Quay-Portrieux (22) Plage du vieux Bourg au lieu dit Poury.


Crozon/Plage de Lost-Marc’h (29) Lost-Marc’h

Crozon/Plage du Palud (29) Plage du Palud.

Douarnenez / Plage du Rhum (29) Plage du Rhum.

Fouesnant/Plage de kerler/Mousterlin (29) Plage de Kerler au lieu-dit Kerler à Kerouanquen.(West of Mousterlin)

Le Conquet/plage du Persic (29) Criques de la plage du Perzic (plage des phoques).

Le Conquet/Plage de Corser (29) Plage de Corser

Lesconil / Treffiagat(29) Plage du Goudoul.

Plouarzel (29) Plage de Trezien

Ploumoguer (29) Coves located between the lighthouse and the beach Trézien
and the tip of Corsen.

Plougasnou (29)

Pont-Croix / Bleuzec (29) Plage de Beuzec-Cap-Sizun.

Saint Jean de Trolimon (29) Plage de Tronoën.

Saint Paul-de-léon (29) Plage le Dossen.

St Anne la Palud (29) Plage des dunes de St-Anne-La-Palud.

Treguennec / Pont l’Abbé(29) (Southern end of main beach).

Tregunc/Plage de Treez-Belleg-Hivan (29) Plage de Treez-Belleg-Hivan, (difficult access).

Tregunc/Plage de Kerouiny (29) Kerouiny (South).

Treflez (29) Plage de Keremma (or The Goulven)


Dinard / Saint Lunaire (35) Fosse aux Vaux or Plage de La Fourberie

Rhoténeuf (35) Plage de la pointe du Christ

Saint-Coulomb/plage des chevrets/ La Guimorais(35) Plage des Chevrets / La Guimorais (Pointe du Meinga)

Saint-Coulomb/plage du verger (35) Plage du Verger and Plage de la Moulière


Arzon (56) Plage de Kerjouanno (Petit Rohu & Kerver).

Erdeven/Etel (56) Plage de Kerminihy (Pointe d’Erdeven).

Ile de Groix (56)

Le Palais/Plage d’Herlin (56) Plage d’Herlin

Le Palais/Plage du Dotchau (56) Plage du Dotchau

Penvins/Landrézac (56) Plage de Penvins.

Ploemeur (56) Plage des Kaolins.

Plouharnel/Plage de Sainte-Barbe (56) Plage de Sainte Barbe

Plouharnel/Plage de la falaise (56) Plage de la Falaise